Chinese export porcelain armorial teapot bearing the arms of Rogers, c.1770
From Chinese Armorial Porcelain Vol. II by David Sanctuary Howard:
The arms are of Rogers, Argent a chevron between three stags’ trippant sable; but not branch is recorded with exactly this crest, A demi stag ermine attired or, and the motto ‘Providentia nos ducente’ is not recorded. Such a Rogers coat (which is also borne by one branch of the Lever family, although with a different crest) is recorded for families in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, Essex, Middlesex and Kent, and Co. Cork, but some have a stag trippant as crest and the only branch with similar crest to this is Rogers of Shropshire which has the coat with stags ermines, and crest, A demi stag ermines, attired or [‘ermines’ being black with white ermine tails]. While identification of the right branch without provenance would thus be speculation, a Captain John Rogers commanded the Earl of Macclesfield at Canton in 1770, the Stormont in 1773, and other ships on six subsequent occasions between 1780 and 1794 and may have ordered this service. A Mr. George Rogers served for five years as a writer in Canton from 1767-72 when he joined the Council on which he was a member for three years to 1774.
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