Tobacco leaf plate pair 1790  Blue and white sugar bowl 1770 detail
 Kakiemon plate 1800  Imari charger  NH 13 panel chest drawers 1800
 Small teapot in Meissen pattern detail  Chinese Imari charger 1740  Imari shell form plate 1700
   Pair of grisailles chargers  Chinese Imari teapot 2
 Rose mandarin terrapin dish  Rose mandarin terrapin tureen  Rose mandarin bor de loo
 Famille rose hot water plate  Rose medallion large urn 1870  Mandarin plates river scene border
 rose-mandarin-large-platter-1820  Rose mandarin bouillon bowl 1830  Famille rose double hexagon teapot
 Rose mandarin brush pot detail 1  rose-mandarin-plate-1830  rose-mandarin-large-platter-1820
 famille-rose-platter-1760  Mandarin figure  Rose medallion strainer cup detail 2
 Famille rose octagonal plates 1735  Pair of famille rose plates  Famille rose continental border platters 1775
   Famille rose small platter 1790  
 famille-rose-plate-with-central-sepia-vignette-1830  pair-of-rare-export-plates-with-crab-1760  Famille rose covered vegetable dish
 Blue and white water bottle 1760  Blue and white punch bowl 1760  famille-rose-floral-sauce-tureen-1785
 John Brown plate    
 Edmund Darch Lewis large Susquehanna oil on canvas    H van der Meulen oil on canvas 1863
 IMG_1188  IMG_1182 3  
 Federal glasses decanters wine rummers  IMG_1195  IMG_1191
 English_tray_coaching_scene    American bison sculpture
   Philadelphia racquet back side chairs 1810  
   New England sideboard
Chinese figure of a hound detail 1 Fitzhugh orange and brown berry dish  Slant front desk
Famille rose hot water plate Brown fitzhugh sauce tureen underplate Chinese Imari pair plates 1750
Famille_verte_teapot Famille_verte_charger rose-mandarin-plate-1830
Pair of bengal tiger plates Famille_verte_pair_plates Famille_verte_pair_gauglets
Famille rose tobacco leaf plate pair Famille rose reticulated plate 1780 pair Raspberry Fitzhugh reticulated underplate
Famille rose garden seats pair Famille rose celadon octagonal vase 1850
Famille rose reticulated plate pair 1870 Famille rose teapot with vines detail6 Famille rose charger
famille-rose-cann-1770-detail-1 Palace ware pair plates 1820 Famille rose lotus pond teapot 2
Blue and white tea caddy with silver mounts 1790 detail
Armorial platter green dragons Blue and white tureen canton scene
Armorial plate pair arms of Hay Gifford detail English market saucer 1760
Armorial pair plates arms of oliphant impaling browne 1790 Armorial garniture set Armorial reticulated platter pair arms of pakenham 1785 detail 1
armorial-saucer-pair-arms-of-page-1775 Armorial arms of page lowdham sauce boat with underplates Armorial arms of page lowdham tureen
Armorial bahadur saucer Armorial Fitzhugh tea saucer 1790 English market plate 1805
Van Rensselear reticulated plate Rasberry fitzhugh helmet pitcher detail 3 Blue and white shaped dishes 1780
Famille rose large saucer 1730 Famille jun pair of teacups and saucers
Armorial platter arms of campbell wedding 1760 Armorial platter crest with dogs 1760  
Famille rose standing foo dogs pair Pair of bengal tiger plates Brass chandelier
Famille rose childs chocolate pot Famille rose tureen and underplate Red and grisailles teapot 1740
Armorial arms of Morgan platter
Blue and white kraak ware charger Blue and white nanking cargo spittoon
Blue and white reticulated basket nanking 1790
Blue and white Fitzhugh reticulated basket Mandarin pallet soup tureen
Famille_rose_pair_baluster_vases_1750 Famille_rose_punchbowl_Kingfisher Famille_rose_pair_plates
Famille rose pair plates 11 inch 1780 Famille rose reticulated plate 1780 10 inch
Famille rose large reticulated saucer 1785 Famille_verte_pair_reticulated_plates
Rose medallion French caserole dish 1880 Orange fitzhugh eagle hot water dish
Famille_verte_charger Orange mandarin vases pair
Clobbered chicken skin punch bowl detail 1
Sample border plate
Rockefeller saucer and tea bowl Rockefeller single tea bowl Rockefeller single saucer
Rockefeller soup plate Rockefeller large saucer Chinese green glazed parrot - tall single
Chinese green glazed parrot - matched pair Fitzhugh large green platter Fitzhugh green syllabub cups
Chinese imari chocolate pot 1700 Orange fitzhugh platter ending in 25(2) Orange fitzhugh platter ending in 25(1)
Orange fitzhugh platter ending in 24 Orange fitzhugh platter 1790
Maryland cellarette 1810
Baltimore neighborhood painting on board Peale still life peaches oil on canvas
Kakiemon soup plate 1756 armorial-arms-of-rogers-teapot armorial-arms-of-clerke-1813